About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves

The directors of C & M Global are mother and daughter Maxine Sault and Charlotte King. Between us we have over six decades of experience in the recycling business. For both of us it’s not just a business, but a way of life.

During our many years in the industry, we have pioneered new and innovative methods of helping the planet. We created the first textile recycling and bra banks, revolutionising the collection and recycling of clothing.

As second and third generation green entrepreneurs reusing and recycling really is in our DNA and forms a key part part of our psyche. Put simply, we were recycling and reusing long before it was cool!

As women, in a mainly male industry, we have a real empathetic insight into our core business model, knowing that what we do now to the planet affects both our children and grandchildren immensely. It is our aim and mission to ensure that we make a positive impact in aiding the planet, and securing our children’s future.

Not just a business, but a way of life!